Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weight Control

I retired two years ago and since that time I have gained approximately 35 pounds. I have gone from a very comfortable size 6 to a very uncomfortable size 14. When I was slim I had many clothes/ outfits to choose from because, let's face it, shopping at a size 6 is way more fun than looking in that mirror at 145 pounds. I weighed, at my lowest, 107 pounds. I had been heavy before but managed to keep it off for over 8 years.

You know when you lose weight, even a small amount, people say something to you, not so when you gain, but I know what they are thinking, just not saying at least until I'm out of earshot.

What happened? Who knows. The last two years have been nothing but a series of health problems.

I now have three pair of pants that fit. It was so disheartening to take out all of my 'summer clothes' only to find that none of them fit. I have a real body image problem. Not going out much any more and avoiding people I would like to see.

This is kind of depressing so I guess I should stop and think of what I'm going to do about this.


  1. Oh Julie!
    I know it doesn't help much, but I sure do sympathize! I haven't even retired yet, but I'm still gaining back the weight I lost a couple years ago. We're getting ready to leave on vacation and I'm so bummed about my wardrobe! Hang in there. Go chase a few grandkids maybe??
    Love ya!

  2. I don't know too many women who can't relate to this in one way or another. I know that the more you let the added weight define you, and the more you hide out because of it, the more power it has. You are Julie, and all that's wonderful about that, no matter the size you wear. Love you.