Friday, May 18, 2012

A new man in my life

There is a new additiion to our family. A cat. I have written about my cats before.

There is Kitty (real name Lucky). My son found her in the engine of a car. The mother probably took her there to get warm. Her paw was cut and she, at 6 weeks, was pretty scared. When my daughter-in-law became pregnant we took the kitten. She has pretty much been raised by our very loving pit bull. She is an indoor cat who longs to be an outdoor cat.

A couple of years ago a skinny tabby showed up and I started to feed it. Just a cup of dry food every morning. One day it has what appeared to be an abcess on her paw. I could not decide if I should take it to the vet. I mean it was just a stray, right? Next day it showed up with a shaved paw and all was well. OK, this was someones pet. Later a woman was walking by and said to my son, " That's my cat, Dexter," Seems that because of the ecomony her son and his family had moved in with them and the cat did not like the children. She offered to pay for the cat food. How nice was that? But ~ no I can handle it. Just nice to have a cat around to keep the mouse population down.

Then came the poor little gray cat. I have a bunch of photos on my phone but don't know how to get them here. She / he, we didn't know was so skinny and shabby. I think maybe it was left behind when someone moved. About six months ago it disapeared for about four weeks. I only hoped it was quick and there wasn't any pain. We have racoons around here and they are pretty nasty. So when it showed up at my door one morning I was so happy I gave it a can of tuna. I then went to the store and bought some canned cat food. Indoor Kitty can't eat it because it gives her the runs. The gray kitty started to gain weight and her coat improved greatly. Now that the weather had started to get colder and wetter I have noticed that Dexter and another gray cat, clearly a pet, have stopped greating me in the morning.

The stray gray kitty has worked his (yes it a boy) into our house. He has very good manners. Except for one spraying insodent in the garage he has not caused any problems. He is so much more like a cat than our indoor Kitty. I think she was very damaged by her stressful entry into life. She must have cried so much that awful day that she really has not much of a voice now and is, despite of a very pampered life, very fearful of anyone but "family".

I just looked back and realized I have already written about the damn cats. What kind of nut ball am I??


  1. I am so excited to see your story here this morning. You've been on my mind a lot lately - I'm missing you like crazy. I love reading your cat stories, but since I'm a crazy cat lady, too, that's not a great surprise. You mentioned in your very short previous post that much has changed. Are you okay? Maybe we can do a lunch this summer? Nine more days of school. The year is almost done - it's so weird. Love you.

    1. Oh, I have been thinking of you too. Call, text me when school is over and we will make plans!360 901 7601.